Integration doesn’t just result in more ease and efficiency for our clients. It means smarter ideas, generated by differently thinking people from varied disciplines melding minds and sharing perspectives. But while many companies talk about being integrated, walking the integration walk means having all key disciplines within our four walls. To be more specific, there are eight key disciplines. And our building has eight walls. Coincidence? Perhaps. Opportunity for proprietary agency nomenclature? Absolutely.
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Inside C+K

Whether born that way or learned, we are all, at our core, integrationists. Believers in the power of integrated ideas and investors in the culture and process that creates them. But we are also all very different. Our team is serendipitously diverse in backgrounds, viewpoints, skill sets, favorite coffee flavors, fashion sense, you name it. Which is great, because you can’t come at challenges from many different sides if your team isn’t multi-dimensional. Plus, bringing together lots of people who are the same isn’t really integration. Or interesting for that matter.